Blacksmith rose giveaway & shop update

So much news! 

1. Preparing for a big giveaway featuring over $2,000 worth of product from DeWalt, Empire Abrasives, General Finishes, Micro Jig, and Sculpt Nouveau.
2. Starting a little preliminary giveaway of one blacksmith rose.
3. The Crafted Podcast
4. New YouTube channel - ZH Restoration
5. Patreon


Channel Pass #28

I was recently given the opportunity to shine the spot light on some of the smaller channels in the community. This is the goal of the Channel Pass: Highlight fellow makers, and hand the pass to one of them to do the same. I'm the 28th person to receive the pass.

Here is the direct link to the Channel Pass Playlist

And here is the link to the makers I selected:

Make Build Modify

Scott Turner

William Walker Co.