1k subscribers & shop talk! | Vlog

I apologize in advance for my on-camera awkwardness-- I'm hoping to get better with time.

Alright, so I figured I ought to put out a little something regarding breaking 1k subscribers recently. Thanks again, you guys are an ongoing source of inspiration, and I'd love to hear from you!

BTW, no planes were harmed in the making of this video, all the blades were fully retracted, and I normally rest them on their sides.

Wood finishing 101 - Bob Flexner
Workbenches - Chris Schwarz


Modular Crosscut Sled with box joint jig | How-To

I've had a few people ask me about my crosscut sled--and after realigning my table saw top for the shop fox fence, my old one was about 2 degrees off, so I built another one. I've included a removable finger joint jig, but you could also add miter jigs, etc.

Thanks for watching, I would love to hear from you.

Dewalt DW716 Miter saw
Bessey Auto adjust toggle clamp
Delta Unisaw
Porter cable drill press
DeWalt Trim router
Fastcap Gluebot
Titebond ii Wood glue
Dewalt 20v Drill
Dewalt 20V XR Brushless Drill
DEWALT DW734 Planer
Dewalt 20V Jigsaw
Varathane provincial wood stain
Freud 10" Dado stack
Swanson Speed Square

Router Mortise Jig | How-To

Here's a mortising jig I built based on an old book titled "Router Magic" I found at a garage sale a while back.

I thought it would make one of the jigs featured which will allow me to clamp and rout small pieces. You can see me use this jig to route the drawer pulls on the "Small chest of drawers" video.

Tools & products used:
Delta Unisaw
DEWALT DW734 Planer
Dewalt Trigger clamp
Makita random orbital sander
1/4"x20 Brass threaded inserts
DEWALT plunge router
Dewalt 20V XR Brushless Drill
DE STA CO Toggle clamp
Fastcap Accuscribe
Titebond ii Wood glue
Briwax Rustic Pine

Unisaw Fence Upgrade (Jet-lock to ShopFox W2005) | Informational

So this is definitely not the most interesting or entertaining video I've put out. But I had a difficult time finding some of the general information and knowledge here, so I figured I'd put it into a video.

The time has come to upgrade the fence on my 70 something Unisaw, I decided to go with the ShopFox Classic W2005.

Here is a link to the specific fence I purchased: 
ShopFox Classic W2005

Update: It's been a year and I couldn't be happier with the purchase!

Dovetailed wooden mallet from 2' of 2x4

Making a wooden mallet from 2 feet of a  2x4. There are a lot of mallet videos floating around out there, most of which involve a wedged through handle, which are great, but I wanted to try something a little different.

I routed a dovetail in the two sections that make up the mallet. I used southern yellow pine - a very hard species of pine which can be found at most local home centers.

Update: One year later, and the mallet is still holding up great, I use it nearly every day.

Tools & products used:
Delta Unisaw table saw
DEWALT DW716 Miter Saw
Rockwell 14" Bandsaw
Flexcut Drawknife
Makita random orbital sander
DEWALT DWE6000 Trim router
Titebond original Wood Glue
Varathane provincial wood stain