Anachronistic light bulb oil lamp

I saw these little light bulb containers at the local hobby shop and thought about how it would be interesting and unconventional it might be  to use them as an oil lamp..

All in all this was a very simple project, other than drilling through the porcelain for the wick.
Thanks for watching!

Tools & Products used:

18 Gauge sheet metal
Empire Drywall square
Throatless Shear
1x1x1/8" angle iron
DEWALT DW872 Cold Saw
Dewalt DWE4011 Angle Grinder
Lincoln Electric 140C Mig Welder
Hydrogen peroxide, Vinegar & salt(for patina)
Dremel 4000
Glass light bulb jar
Loctite Heavy Duty Epoxy
Boiled Linseed Oil


Old school weatherproofing for canvas and metal | DIY

So this is an old blacksmith formula that I've been using this for years on many of my metal projects, it can also be used to weatherproof canvas/denim. 

Note, there are several annotations in the video which include the formula, so if you have them turned off, you won't see them.

But, just in case--the formula is pretty simple, it's 2:1:1 of Beeswax, Boiled linseed oil, and turpentine respectively.

Thank you all for watching!

Tools and products used:
Bernzomatic Propane Torch
Raw beeswax
Boiled Linseed Oil
Heat gun