Router Mortise Jig | How-To

Here's a mortising jig I built based on an old book titled "Router Magic" I found at a garage sale a while back.

I thought it would make one of the jigs featured which will allow me to clamp and rout small pieces. You can see me use this jig to route the drawer pulls on the "Small chest of drawers" video.

Tools & products used:
Delta Unisaw
DEWALT DW734 Planer
Dewalt Trigger clamp
Makita random orbital sander
1/4"x20 Brass threaded inserts
DEWALT plunge router
Dewalt 20V XR Brushless Drill
DE STA CO Toggle clamp
Fastcap Accuscribe
Titebond ii Wood glue
Briwax Rustic Pine

Simple router edge guide | How-to

This was a very simple shop equipment build, that I needed to build as a component for a router mortising jig, although it is certainly useful in it's own right.

Stay tuned for a mortise jig build that incorporates this edge guide.

Tools and products used:

DeWalt plunge router
3/8" rod - Hardware store
1/4x20 J-nuts & Thumbscrews- Hardware store
Delta Unisaw
DeWalt DW734 Planer
1/4"x20 Brass threaded inserts
Titebond original Wood Glue

DIY Dog Leash Holder

This is my first YouTube Video post, and I wanted to start with something simple. This same template cutting and routing method can be applied to a number of projects. I'd love to hear ideas for future videos, and thanks for watching.

Shoutout to Jimmy Diresta, I Like To Make Stuff, and Make Something and "The Making It Podcast" for inspiring me to youtube.

Tools & products used:
3M Super 77 spray adhesive
Dewalt 20V Jigsaw
Dewalt Trim Router
Dewalt 4011 Angle grinder
Dewalt 20-Volt Drill
Dewalt DW872 Cold Saw
Makita random orbital sander
Varathane provincial wood stain
Instant Bond CA Adhesive