Crafting a podcast | Blog

I apologize for the bit of hiatus with the blog. I've had so many irons in the fire so to speak I've had to place it on the back burner.

So whats new? Quite a bit, primarily I'm co-hosting a new podcast entitled the "Crafted Podcast" along with Johnny from The Crafted Workshop and James Wright from Wood by right. The idea behind this podcast is to discuss a broad range of subjects as they relate to making and craftsmanship in general. Some of our future topics are to include, metal, leather, the creative process, transitioning into making for money, etc.

As of today we have recorded 3 episodes and released 2, and are already holding position in the top 10 hobby podcasts on iTunes! We live stream every Thursday at 8pm Eastern time, and we feature an interactive chat where you can ask questions and interact with us during the show.

Here is a link to the site:


I'll take the 14" cold cut please | Blog

Well, with all the commissioned metal work I have lurking around the corner, it was time to bite the bullet and replace the blade on my cold cut saw. Yes it's a metal cutting saw with big nasty teeth, and enough torque to rival my v-twin. I opted for a cold cut saw over the more economical abrasive wheel chop saw for a two simple reasons:
1. You get a very clean, practically weld ready surface.
2. The blade lasts much much longer and throws very few sparks.
However the time has come and$120 later I have a new blade. Yes, there are other more affordable options out there but after reading and researching, the OEM DeWalt blade seems to offer the best performance. I will certainly be more mindful with my cutting this time around.
Here is a link to the specific blade: DWA7747