fabtech 2017

Industrial C-Clamp build | Fabtech 2017

Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4716013 Merchandise - https://www.zhfabrications.com/store/ Tools used - https://www.zhfabrications.com/tools/ Instagram - ZHfabrications - https://www.instagram.com/zhfabricati... Waterlox Tung oil wood finish - https://waterlox.com/zh-fabrications Links to other Fabtech build videos(I'll keep this updated as they go live): Jimmy Diresta - https://youtu.be/N-vqToGJ5j8 Tracklist 1. Jahzzar - FO 2. Juanitos - Cool Raggae Party 3.Cullah - Gone Away 4 Cullah - Rhapsody in Lieu of Etude What a great event! It's always a dream working alongside the very people who got me started in this field. I have never experienced a more positive community in my life. Jimmy Diresta, April Wilkerson, Johnny Brooke(Crafted Workshop), John Malecki, and Doug(Retroweld), you guys are all incredible! Special thanks to Craig Coffey, and Lincoln Electric for getting us all together for this event! ZH Fabrications Industrial C-Clamp build | Fabtech 2017