Dreaming in color | Blog

I'm not sure if it's a blessing of a curse, but it seems I never have the time to satiate my curiosity. Recently I've been intrigued with color theory, and trying to figure out how I can work it into some of my future projects. There are so many techniques and strategies that are nothing short of fascinating. Even the simple ways of breaking up the color wheel for example: there is complementary(opposites on the wheel), analogous(adjacent), triadic(triangular), just to name a few. Every combination seems to elicit a unique vibe. It's all just very--interesting, and I'd like to experiment if I ever get a break from these commissioned projects(I'm not complaining).

I find this dresser by Wendy Maruyama to be an interesting albeit festive execution of a complimentary color piece.

If this stuff interests you, here is a site that explains things nicely.