I'll take the 14" cold cut please | Blog

Well, with all the commissioned metal work I have lurking around the corner, it was time to bite the bullet and replace the blade on my cold cut saw. Yes it's a metal cutting saw with big nasty teeth, and enough torque to rival my v-twin. I opted for a cold cut saw over the more economical abrasive wheel chop saw for a two simple reasons:
1. You get a very clean, practically weld ready surface.
2. The blade lasts much much longer and throws very few sparks.
However the time has come and$120 later I have a new blade. Yes, there are other more affordable options out there but after reading and researching, the OEM DeWalt blade seems to offer the best performance. I will certainly be more mindful with my cutting this time around.
Here is a link to the specific blade: DWA7747