Designer spotlight #1: Achille Castiglioni | Blog

Achille Castiglioni(1918-2002): Achillie Castiglioni was an Italian designer who studied architecture in Milan.  Achille is perhaps best known for his famous "Arco Lamp" of 1962.

Inspired by street lights, the Arco Lamp was designed as an alternative solution to wall or ceiling lights for  bringing illumination to the dining table. The base consisted of a very heavy(I've seen pictures of people hanging from the arc!) piece of marble. The Arco lamp had an enormous impact on  contemporary design, and has served as the basis for countless reproductions and knock-offs.

Although he may be most known for the Arco Lamp, many of his other designs are equally impressive. My personal favorite is his rotating shelf, which can be adjusted to fit in a variety of spaces.  Achille is definitely worth of some google image searching!

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